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           MANUFACTURERS & ENGINEERS     CONTACT ADDRESS Harihar Industries, Nagarwada, Baroda-390 001 PHONE: +91 0265 2436809
Company Profile

Harihar Industries came into existence in the year 1960. Initially, the company was engaged in manufacturing Deepwell Pumps, Flour Mills and Steel Furniture. In the late sixties there was a boom in the Industrial development of Gujarat. Baroda was the main center for Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries With the development of Chemical And Pharmaceutical industries in Baroda and nearby cities, promoters of  Harihar Industries thought of changing their line of manufacturing and their vision came into reality when the first Centrifuge was put in the market in the year 1970. From that day there was no looking back and Harihar Industries progressed steadily. Today Harihar Industries is well known for its quality products.

At present a wide range of products are included in the manufacturing which are as under :

Harihar Industries Products

Contact Address:

Factory : Harihar Industries, Nagarwada, Baroda - 390 001.Gujarat. India Phone :+91- 0265 - 243 68 09 TeleFax : 2436274

Office : F1, Gitanjali Apartment. Near Lok Satla Press, Nararwada Baroda - 390 001 Gujarat, India
Phone :+91- 0265 - 243 68 09 TeleFax : 2436274

E-mail: info@hariharindustries.com | ramesh@hariharindustries.com

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